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The “Quiche” Edition 10-7-18

The guys talk about attending the Chicago Street Supper Club which kicked off the Festival of Flavors in Foley then were joined in studio by the folks from Pour Baby Wine Bar.

The “Lumpia” Edition 8-26-18

Today the guys were joined by their old friend Eliana Marisol a teen-aged chef and #foodchamp that has been coming on the show since she was 12! They discuss Chopped and World Food Championships.

The “Crowder Pea” Edition 8-19-18

David Calametti called in to talk about the Tasting Village at World Food Championships and the upcoming Battle of Bo’s Burgers – Food Fight at the Fort and Stu breaks down why imported seafood is so bad so that even Mike can understand it.

The “Malaga” Edition 8-5-18

Stu discusses his staycation at Malaga Inn while Mike counts down the days until football season. Chef Billy Highland shares his story while he and Stu talk about World Food Championships and being a #FoodChamp.

The “#foodchamp” Edition 8-12-18

Today was all about the World Food Championships as the guys were joined by Food Champ Brittany Furbee and Team Alabama’s David Calametti calls in with news about Bo Jackson’s Signature Foods coming to Mobile. Panini Pete joins the fun.

The “La Cosa NOSHtra” Edition 7-15-18

It’s all about Dauphin St. as the guys are joined in studio by Richie Gambino of Pizzeria Delphina and by phone by Frankie Little of Rooster’s.

The “Little More Beachy” Edition 7-1-18

With Stu out of town Mike is joined by Alabama Coasting Magazine’s David Calametti to talk all things World Food Championship, and they visit with Kristi Barber of the Cheese Cottage.

The “Doughnut Fairy” Edition 6-24-18

This week the guys discuss the incident at Callaghan’s that Mike witnessed firsthand and expound on the area’s growing music scene all while eating donuts.